Laura Moseley

I am a textile researcher currently completing my MA at University College London in History of Art whilst running Common Threads Press.

My undergraduate dissertation on the influence of ancient American textiles on the work of Anni Albers and Cecilia Vicuna was awarded the dissertation prize at the University of York and continues to inform my ongoing research into contemporary textile practices.

Common Threads Press is the name of an arts publishing project that I began two years ago, that aims to make art history more affordable, accessible and community oriented. Here in Norwich, we publish zines, deliver workshops and curate events that look at the intersection of art history and activism. Our zines are written collaboratively with early-career researchers, students and academics from all around the world. Moving away from the concept of an authoritative, omnipotent voice on the diverse and expansive field of art history which often leaves out many crucial perspectives, the project curates a constellation of academics, artists and students to produce thoughtful, informative and unique art publications. 

For educational background see here and for a portfolio of freelance work see here.